3 Months later…

3 Months later…

We launched the store towards the end of December and had our first sale in January, and we’ve been steadily growing. The feedback has been great, and I can’t say how much I appreciate everyone’s support.

Our product line is growing, we have 3 Signatures scented Shaving soaps to complement our more classic line which is the more traditional scents that are popular among the wet shavers. We added the “Muir Woods” scent, which was many months of trial and error to get a woodsy scent that didn’t just smell like cedar or pine. We landed on Agarwood as the predominant noticeable note, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Our “Midnight Lavender” was launched as well, and I think lavender is a tricky scent to get right. In a lot of ways, Lavender is overused in household cleaners, air fresheners, etc... so finding a unique blend that was masculine and dark was a difficult task.

Our base is performing great! Easy to load and lather with plenty of protection and post-shave. I’m big on keeping things as simple as possible but also getting the right oils into the batch to hit all the performance marks. We will keep promotions and sales going through the spring and summer to get new customers and since our base has been benchmarked, our prices will remain the same. I won’t reformulate just to charge more…EVER! Any changes will be announced and will be the result of feedback from the community, but our prices will only rise if suppliers raise their prices.

I’m very excited about what’s next. I have 3 more scents that are still being tested and plan to release them over the coming months, as well as some splashes and balms going through trials. As I build out the collections and lines, I love to hear what’s on your mind, or any feedback/comments on the scents or the base.

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