Introducing 'Olympos'

Introducing 'Olympos'

So much of my inspiration comes from living in Turkey. I learned about wet shaving using straight razors and enjoyed the old fashion barbershops. Where in the states, wet shaving, and straight razors seem like a lost art, it’s thriving in Turkey. Living on the Mediterranean and traveling up and down the coast, I will never forget the wonderful aromas of flowers and citrus. I have been trying to capture that scent for years, and I was determined to bring it to one of our soaps. Originally, I had thought I would use this scent in my Barbershop soap. I decided to shelve this idea and settled on a more mainstream Barbershop that came out great. That said, I didn’t give up on coming up with a great Mediterranean, Turkish-inspired scent.

I’m excited to say that I think we have it with our latest creation, Olympos! On the Mediterranean coast is the beautiful ancient city of Olympos. It’s an incredible place, with its ancient ruins found in Beydağları Coastal National Park. This is a very special place, and I wanted it on this soap’s label.

I partnered with a perfume maker in Istanbul to create the fragrance. It has a strong top note of Neroli Flower, which is used in many fine French perfumes. Neroli oil is believed to be an ingredient in the secret Coca-Cola recipe. The fragrance is rounded out with lemon, peach, white flowers, jasmine, Cedarwood, Amber, and a touch of Musk. It is floral but quite masculine and has deep base notes.

This scent is truly one of a kind and I think you will love it. It will be offered in our traditional tallow base and I can’t wait to share it with wet shavers.


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  • Robb

    10 years ago I was deployed in the Mediterranean and one of our stops was the island of Crete. It was my favourite port and I often reminisce of my time there. This soap brings me back to that place like no other.

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