Why should I switch my razor?

Why should I switch my razor?

A lot of people wonder why to try and learn how to shave with an old fashion razor, or what’s the point of this when we have multi-blade disposable razors that do the same faster. It’s a good question that doesn’t have one answer.

From my experience, most people look at switching to double-edged razors to save on costs. If you’re buying grocery store disposable razors, chances are you are spending a lot more than maintaining a simple double-edged razor. A starter DE razor can cost anywhere from 10-40 dollars for a very nice stainless steel razor that can last generations, with blades costing pennies to replace. This is usually a good starting point for most people to make the switch.

Shortly after switching, you may start to notice the way you’ve been shaving isn’t working with the new hardware. You need to learn how to control your blade angle, pressure, and how to do multiple shave passes. This all comes down to patience and practice (check out youtube for expert tutorials). If you stick with it for a week, you will start to notice that your shaves are getting closer and you aren’t nicking yourself anymore.

After mastering the process, you will want to incorporate quality products to enhance your shave. Classic shaving creams and soaps can create a lather to your preference with a shaving brush. This gives you more control over your shave by controlling the water content in your shaving lather, which leads to more slickness and protection. Finally, the art of shaving becomes apparent with classic techniques as you can get closer shaves that, unlike multi-blade disposable blades, don’t pull the hair up from the skin, but rather sheer it right at the skin to prevent irritation. The precision of a single blade provides an elegant touch to shape the perfect beard or remove more growth in a single pass.


If you’re just starting, stick with it. In time you will start to see the benefits of wet shaving and enjoy the many great products available in the market.


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  • Mark

    I was an electric shaver for years; grew a beard kept short for professional reasons; now am doing the blade — I have been using the cheap store blades and recall my grandfather mug brush and cup with good vibes maybe some source reads on ritual, what the straight razor does and why, I am now going 2 days between shaves and just experimenting on technique Thanks for the recent blog!

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