About us


My first experience with wet shaving and straight razors was at the age of 20 while in the military. Using a disposable razor was a terrible experience that always left my face irritated and dried out and there was no getting out of shaving in the military. I liked the close feel of using shaving cream and a razor but often stuck with electric razors to avoid irritation. 

While I was stationed in Turkey, I had the pleasure to experience my first barber straight shave using traditional methods. Turks are well known for their mastery of a straight razor and it surprised me how a straight razor and some Arko shaving soap could be more enjoyable. This fascinated me and led me to wet-shave online forums and youtube channels.  

Before long, I started to buy double-edged razors, and then I moved up to straight razors and discovered a new World of various shaving products. I began to try various creams, soaps, blades, razors, and this obsession was born. 

After 10 years of wet shaving, I decided I wanted to try my hand at soap making and found a new passion for formulating my line of soaps. I believe in carefully selecting ingredients from good sources and knowing exactly what is in the soap brings out the best products that customers will appreciate. I want our products to be priced competitively and don't believe in charging more than I'm willing to pay. I keep the ingredients clean and simple. I stick with what I know works and avoid overcomplicating the formula. Our soap lathers easy and performs great for any shaving method. 

Artisan soap makers are becoming more well known and developing some of the best soap and skin products in the World, right in their kitchen. I hope that these products will introduce traditional wet shaving to a new generation. 

Many of our fragrances are influenced by my world travels and you will see that throughout my collections. As of 2021, I have started partnering with a perfume company in Istanbul to bring you some of the signature scents that are unique to our brand. Turkey has some of my favorite colognes and fragrances which I wanted to compliment our great base. 

We launched Angora Soaps from Northern Virginia (Washington DC Metro), a tribute to my Turkish shaving roots (and my Turkish Angora Cat). Angora wool is some of the softest and fluffiest in the world and our shaving soaps embody this property in our lather.