Check out some of my favorite Youtubers to learn techniques and get familiar with Artisan Soaps and new hardware on the market




The Stallion (Anthony Esposito) - A master with the straight razor, trying our Bay Rum soap. The Stallion has a very entertaining channel and demonstrates his skills with a blade. 

IAMCDB - Chris is an excellent youtuber with a large following. He has great technique and has been reviewing soaps and shaving products for years.



Jeffrey Smith had a first go with our High Roller scent. Check out his channel to see several reviews on different razors and products.



Mike Baker is a fellow Virginian that had a chance to try out our Sandalwood scent. Excellent technique with the straight razor.


Pavel hosts a Russian language shave channel with a large network. He had a chance to review our High Roller soap recently. He puts a lot of work into his channel and has several great videos with unboxings and reviews.